Skyscraper Mtn (Jul 31, 2020)

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skyscraper_mtn_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Sunrise
Area: Mt Rainier, Sunrise
Reference:  Day Hiking Mount Rainier
Stats: 8.18mi, 2138' gain (for the loop)

Yet another visit to a place I haven't been to in a while (2008). I've been on a quest to visit interesting places that are less likely to be crowded.

Again, Steve and I got an early start. We arrived at Sunrise and managed to find a spot in the lot. We geared up, applied plenty of sunscreen and started up the trail. Part way up the Sourdough Ridge Trail we could see down to the parking area to find it full at 9am. So even on a's just crowded...and early. I figured the trail over to Frozen Lake would be somewhat busy. It was...but not awful. After Frozen Lake it was quiet...thankfully.

I haven't been on the stretch of the Wonderland over to Skyscraper Pass since 2008 and I didn't remember much about it. It's beautiful. This time of year it was full of flowers. We saw a mountain goat, a pika, and even a marmot. Steve was happy to see the local wildlife.

There was one small patch of snow (easy to cross) right before we reached Skyscraper Pass (3.86mi, 6667'). Looks like we might be first up the little peak for the day. The trail is more of a grunt (not really steep) as it heads up the easy south slope of the mountain. Steve tagged the summit (7082') and I found a nice rock for lunch. I got halfway though lunch when we could see a few other hikers arriving. We finished off lunch in time to get out of the way and head downhill before the others got too close to the top.

We took our time hiking back out. There is really just so much to see and take in.
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