Noble Knob (Jul 26, 2020)

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noble_knob_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Sun Top, USGS Noble Knob
Area: Greenwater, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 5.09mi, 1550' gain (round trip)

I was out this way years ago (2004) but just never thought much about returning until I saw incredible flower photos taken by a friend who recently visited. So this was planned as another easy flower hike with Steve to an old lookout site.

I wanted to get an early start to 1) find a decent parking spot, 2) beat the heat, 3) beat the crowds, and 4) not get home really late. Generally we succeeded. It was a bit crowded on the trail but almost everyone wore masks or stepped well of the trail to let others pass.

Its an easy hike...the hardest part is navigating the convoluted roads in the area. Make mental notes of turns because it's not quite so obvious on the way down which way you came from on the way up.

Driving Directions: From the Greenwater Store go 5.7 miles and then turn left on FS72. Follow this main road for 7.4 miles. Turn right on FS7250 and drive this road until it ends at the TH (5374').

The first part of the trail winds along the slops on the south side of Dalles Ridge. It winds through some burn areas from 2017. The flowers through this stretch were absolutely incredible. The trail hits a little pass southeast of the Dalles Ridge highpoint at 1.3mi (5466'). Here the trail looks like it is painted lavender on both sides from the deep carpet of lupine lining the trail. After the saddle the trail switches over to the other side of the ridge and continues southeast until it hits the junction with the trail that heads south to Corral Pass 1.9mi (5723'). After this trail junction, the trail heads back north towards the old lookout site. It pops out of the trail to reveal the lookout site nearly tree free the last few hundred feet up.

Right before starting up the last few hundred feet the trail splits. The left trail stays low on the west side of the knob and head north with a side trail to a small lake (George Lake) north of the knob. Right also stays low below the know and heads over to Lost Lake. The middle trail is the trail to the top of the knob.

There were a few people at the top (6015') when we arrived. We kept a good distance away and found a nice sit rock to catch the views while we had lunch. Most of the people eventually left and we found that we had the top to ourselves for a short time. Steve snapped lots of photos and then it was time to head down.
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