Morel Meander - Teanaway (May 7, 2020)

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morel_meander_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Teanaway Butte
Area: Teanaway, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 1.68mi, 518' gain (round trip)

The current stay home order was relaxed a bit starting on Monday 5/4 to allow the opening of state lands. The weather forecast for Thursday was spectacular so I spent some time trying to find a trip I could do that was "safe". The plan was to head out to the Teanaway Community Forest (WA State DNR land) and wander around (avoiding trails) to look for morel mushrooms. I had surgery on my foot in late December and I was ready to start hiking my March but COVID-19 put a serious crimp in my plans...the plans of so many people. Steve and I have been diligently sheltering in place at home for the duration of the governor's current order. SteveD and LoriL had recently asked about hunting morels (they had not hunted for them before) so the plan was to drive in separate cars and keep a wide berth of each other all day. That we would be out mid week and not on an official trail helped. We really didn't come across others all day.

It's still a bit early for morels. I found enough to make myself some dinner when I got home. Not enough to dehydrate for use later though.

Some flowers were out (ballheaded waterleaf, lupine, chocolate lilies, arnica).

It felt really good to get out. I'm glad I didn't try to do this trip on a weekend. Lots of mushroom hunters out. At least we weren't also competing with so many other hikers for safe distancing.
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