Sauer's Mountain (May 3, 2019)

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sauers_mnt_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Leavenworth
Area: Peshastin, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 5.34mi, 1959' gain (round trip)

I wanted to get out for a couple of hikes this long weekend. I asked around for ideas but in the end fall back to a standard trip this time of year because I knew on a work day it would be much less busy than a weekend.

I arrived at the trailhead kinda early. I wanted to beat the heat. I started up the trail (on private land) admiring all the folk art on display. That's one of the reasons I love this place... I continued uphill to a junction (.25 from the car, not signed) and couldn't figure out what way to head up. I wasn't expecting this trail at clearly headed right. I think this trail off to the right is newer since my last visit. I took it and found it headed steeply uphill and was a fairly direct route to the ridge.

Once on the ridge I continued to follow the trail (which eventually crosses over to National Forest) uphill. Just below the high point the trail crosses a road and there was a crude sign posted to a tree that warned of ongoing logging operations. I didn't hear anything and those headed down didn't mention anything so I continued up. It was clear they have logged higher up because as I crossed the road below the high point there were logs stacked on the uphill side of the road. Looks like a grader had been though as well to clear the road and it wiped out where the trail continues uphill. That only means the first 10 feet of so above the road got butchered and are steep. Eventually boots will wear down a new ramp to the upper trail.

I only went to the marked spot (not the bump). I stopped for a nice lunch. Probably say 12-18 people all day. Not too bad for a beautiful but short hike.

On the way back down I extended my trip by doing the loop that stays on the ridge and regains the trail at that first trail junction that puzzled me. I like the route on the way down better than going up since that first section isn't as steep. I found it a bit more scenic as well.

Back at the car I had a chance to talk to Mr. Sauer (?) and his dog Blue. What a great day to be out. On the drive back home I stopped at Zeke's for my first post hike shake of 2019!
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