Sage Hills (April 28, 2019)

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sage_hills_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: camera
Map: (below)
Area: Wenatchee
Reference: Day Hiking Central Cascades
Stats: 7.05mi, 1595' gain (round trip)

Spring...I love Spring... Don't get me wrong. I love snow travel but there is something about the feel of dirt under my boots, the sound of bird chirping...the color. Wow...the color.

This year the color seems exceptional. Maybe it was due to the early Spring rain? I had been wanting to get back to Sage Hills for another hike. Steve had not been out there so he really didn't know what he was in for. Late in the week I got a ping from JimK asking if I was heading out for a wildflower hike and where. I mentioned where. The kicker would be that it needed to be Sunday. The thought of having to drive back west over hwy 2 with Sunday evening traffic wasn't that appealing. He needed to think about it, eventually he said he was all in.

We all met at the smokestack in Monroe and tried to get an early start. We then drove east arriving at the "trailhead" (street parking) and it was right around 9:30am that we were moving. This time we parked at Maiden Lane. It sure looks like they (whomever they may be) are working on a larger parking area. One can hope...

The color started out immediately. We started up the Maiden Lane Connector trail and then we could clearly see the color up the drainage was spectacular so we decided on a route uphill that would keep us close to the best of the color. We then headed right up "The Gut" trail and took this over to the bottom of a trail called Lower Lightning which then turns to Lightning higher up. I've been up the Lightning trail the last time and knew there was a basin higher up and I was hoping to reach that. When we reached that color. It was incredible.

Lots of photo delays on this trip. We all took hundreds of photos. JimK had never been to Sage Hills before and I think he was impressed. We were all incredibly impressed with the intensity of the color.

These trails are mostly mountain bike trails (but they are also multi use) so lots of mountain bikers, trail runners and just plain hikers were out and about. We were very conscious of not stepping off trail and being aware of approaching bikers and getting out of their way.

This trip will definitely go into my rotation every few years. It was amazing.
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