Long Beach (Aug 9-11, 2019)

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long_beach_coverConditions: road trip
Gear: nothing special
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Area: Long Beach, WA
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Steve and I originally planned to do an overnight backpack trip but the weather changed and so did our plans. We both wanted to get away...some place new. I suggested the Washington Coast and Steve loved the idea. The plan was to do some hiking, some kite flying, some biking, and some salamander hunting. More than anything else we just wanted to relax.

We left down mid day on a Friday and arrived in Long Beach late afternoon. Plenty of time to check in and do some exploring. We ended up heading up Long Beach Peninsula so get some beach time. Steve was flabberghasted to find out that we could actually take the 4Runner out on the beach. I had actually never done that myself so it was a treat for me too. We watched the sun set and got just the kind of evening we were looking for.

Saturday morning rolled around and I wanted to help Steve find some salamanders (not a huge hike...1.88mi, 331' gain). He's on a mission to find some this year. He picked a trail the Teal Slough Trail and we poked around there. No salamanders but lots and lots of banana slugs. So now what to do... Turns out it was the parade of boats weekend in Astoria so we weren't sure we wanted to be there in the evening but I suggested the Columbia River Martime Museum there that seemed interesting. It was a first time visit for both of us. Pretty cool place. During the day we had stopped by a kite sore in Long Beach and got ourselves a couple of kits. Steve got a foil type kite and I got a cellular one. We took those kits back up to the beach we were at last night. We also picked up dinner along the way. We spent another great evening enjoying the ocean, flying kites, and having dinner as the sun set.

Sunday came around a little too quick. Today we needed to brave the traffic heading back to Seattle. We had some time and we had brought our bikes so we rolled over to the Discovery Trail and got a quick ride in (7.77mi, 233' gain). This trail is stunning. It's in fabulous shape and wanders along the grasses along the coast. I'd really love to head back to this place off season and ride this entire trail. Yes, it's that nice. After the ride we headed back to the condo and packed up and then drove home...in traffic...ugh.
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