Ingalls Creek (Jun 9-10, 2019)

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ingalls_ck_backpack_coverConditions: backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Blewett
Area: Peshastin, WA
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Alpine Lakes
Stats: 11.07mi, 1472 gain (round trip)
Weather Forecast

Time for some backpacking with Dani! We struggled with some ideas, weather on Saturday, not wanting to do a lot of travel on snow. Dani finally suggested Lake Caroline and since it has been 15 years since I've been up there, I was game. We decided to do a two day trip (Sun-Mon). Saturday evening Dani messaged...permit. Dang...I forgot that piece. Last time I was up there the permit area didn't extend to the lake (I think). The ranger station is closed Sunday so a lottery chance was out. We also ruled out the idea of trying to "sneak" in. It's just wrong. I suggested Ingalls Creek even though I was just there on a day hike because I'd always wanted to camp further in. Dani had never been on the trail. We now had a plan!

We arrived at the trailhead to find a few cars. Not too bad for a nice Sunday morning. The flowers along the trail are still going pretty strong. We hiked in to the camp right at the junction with Falls Creek. We hoped for something with more views but the day would be warm, the thought of lounging in the heat wasn't too appealing so we were good with a shaded site.

There were only two parties that we saw hiking in, us and one other couple with a very nice dog (Lucy). They camped near the Falls Creek junction as well. When Dani and I were sitting on a long along the creek they stopped by to chat and they invited us over to their campsite for dinner and we gladly took them up on the offer. We arrived, had fun chatting the evening away, they offered us some of their home made red wine (It was really good) and they told us the story of their Bernese Mountain Dog Lucy. It was a nice way to spend the evening.

Back at camp we hung up the food, crawled into our tents, and did some reading.

Morning arrived when a bird (?) flew into the side of my tent. That's a first. We had breakfast and we were packed up and hiking out by 9:30am. We arrived back at the trail head about 12:30pm which was perfect because the forecast called for temps in Peshastin to reach 82F. Yikes. It's too early to be this warm. We made a stop at the new 59er Diner for lunch. Yum.
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