Grace Lakes (Dec 14, 2019)

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grace_lks_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: snowshoes
Map: USGS Stevens Pass
Area: Stevens Pass
Reference: 1n/a
Stats: 2.24mi, 972' gain (round trip)

This was planned as the first snow trip of the season. Hopefully it won't be my last. I have a foot surgery coming up in about a week and fingers crossed it heals up fast so I can enjoy more snow.

I picked this trip because it was short (because of the foot issues). I also wanted something to shake out the gear for the first snow trip. WTA says this trip is 4 miles round trip. Maybe if one follows the "trail" the whole way? There was enough snow out to put the snowshoes to work but there were plenty of sticks and twigs sticking out and from what I could tell (recent trip reports on WTA) the "trail" was pretty brushy. So we decided to stick to the roads. The good news was that the resort wasn't open yet (we heard opening day is planned for Wed 12/18) so the place had a decent amount of people out but it wasn't crazy busy. And because the resort wasn't open we didn't have to worry too much about dodging skiers and snowboarders.

So we basically followed the roads most of the way up keeping to the right of the lifts. When we got high enough on the roads that we were about level with the lakes we did see a set of snowshoe trails following the edge of the brush. Taking this as a cue that this person was also headed for the lakes we followed those tracks. It worked out well. Whoever this person was...they did what I hoped...finding a path of least resistance though the brush over to the lakes. We did have to drop a couple hundred feet to get to the basin. At the edge of the area ski patrols monitors this other snowshoer headed right. We headed left to what looked like the closest lake. We reached it in short time, dropped out packs and enjoyed a nice lunch having the lake to ourselves.
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