Cutthroat Lakes (Aug 18, 2019)

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cutthroat_lakes_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Mallardy Ridge
Area: Mountain Loop Hwy
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades
Stats: 3.43mi, 1070' gain (round trip)

Steve has been pretty serious this year about finding salamanders. So when I went up to Sprite Lake and found one up put salamander hunting as a priority. We hiked this trail last year but turned around right below the lakes because of the rain. He figured this is the perfect trail to find salamanders so he wanted to head back. We packed a couple of empty plastic containes (no...not for salamanders...for hucks).

We hiked up the trail and when we got to the creek crossing he remembered I dropped my pack and did some huck picking while he tried to find some salamanders. I scored some of the hucks...he failed on the salamanders...but there were a whole lotta frogs jumping around. We hiked further up the trail to the big meadow area and figured it would be a good place for lunch. We ate quick because this was also the perfect place to pick huckleberries. They were everywhere. We picked and picked and picked until we had both containers nearly full (when we got home and weighed the haul it was almost 2 pounds).

Lots of mushrooms popping out. Lots of huckleberries on this trip. If there are salamanders out there I have no idea where they are!
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