Boulder River (Dec 8, 2019)

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boulder_river_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: rain gear (not used)
Map: USGS Meadow Mountain
Area: Darrington
Reference: 100 Hikes Washington, Glacier Pk Region
Stats: 7.37mi, 1698' gain (round trip)

I was in need to making a return trip to Boulder River. It's been a few years since I've been on the trail and I was long overdue paying my respects to a friend (Greg) show has now been gone much too long. I always find this trail a relaxing place and it holds such great memories for me.

I was thinking the day might bring a bit of rain but I never ended up using the rain gear. I did bring the big camera but intentionally left the heavy stuff (tripod, flash, macro rail) at home because I just didn't want to carry that much weight. Well...they would have come in handy.

The trail is about how it always is...wet, muddy in places, full of wonderful things to explore. This time out I was focusing on mushrooms. I did manage to find some late fall oysters (which is turns out are edible if prepared correctly) and some turkey tails. I love how one sees such beauty in the small things when one moves slower.

I at least wanted to make it out to what I call the viewpoint. I wanted to snap a photo that I could add to my collection. I also thought about heading all the way out to where the trail ends at the river but turned around slightly shy of this. I would give me a bit more time to explore on the way back out.
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