Huntoon Point (Apr 28-29, 2018)

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bagley_lks_coverhuntoon_pt_coverConditions: snow
Gear: scrambling gear (helmet, ice axe,)
Map: USGS Shuksan Arm
Area: Mt. Baker
Reference: n/a
Stats: 5.88mi, 1274' gain (round trip)

So this was primarily and outing with the Everett Mtnrs to help out with the snow field trip for the current Scrambling class. It's two day trip up to Baker with the goal to tech the students the fundamentals of travel on snow and the use of an ice axe.

Steve and I drove up late on Friday evening. We arrived at the Mtnrs lodge sometime around 9:30pm. It's a long drive up there and seems even longer then the drive from Glacier up to the lodge is in the dark. We arrived, unpacked our stuff into our bunk space, and signed up for chores.

Day 1: Saturday 4/28

Saturday morning we were up about 6am (breakfast is at 6:30am) and after getting a nice breakfast, we settled into groups and headed up towards Artist Point. We stopped just shy of Austin Pass and found some good tame slopes to gets the students some ice axe practice. It was glissading at first, then face first, then on the back...all iterations were done...left hand, right hand, without pack, with pack. They all did pretty well. I remember taking the same class 20 years ago and being exhausted the first day after throwing myself repeatedly downhill. The weather wasn't the best, a bit of rain at first, then sleet, then wet snow the rest of the day. Around 3:30 the groups all collected back up for a short demo on the use of avalanche transceivers and probes. It was fun to help out with that demo and practice those skills. Then...time to head back to the lodge for dinner. After dinner we shuttle gear we didn't need back to the car since we were on breakfast cleanup duty in the morning.
Day 1 Stats: 1.95mi, 225' gain

Day 2: Sunday 4/29
We were up again early today. First up, taking a bit more gear we didn't need back to the car. At the end of the day the lodge would be closed so we basically had to get all the car packing done before the days outing. It was a good hearty breakfast, then the cleanup, then a hike back up towards Artist Point. The goal today would be to try to make Huntoon Point. The weather was better today, light snow. but visibility was pretty poor. The group did well, at nearly the same spot as yesterday we stopped for more ice axe practice. When that was done the group continued on up to Artist Point and then Huntoon Point. The leaders in the group were amazing. Amazing to be so patient. Amazing to volunteer so much time. Amazing to want to encourage others to get out safely to enjoy the mountains. Just below Huntoon Pt visibility got really, really poor. The group talked about it and the students decided they were comfortable continuing on the high point. We arrived, had a nice lunch, got some photos of the group, and then got a nice glissade of the high point as we started the hike back down to the lodge.
Day 2 Stats: 3.93mi, 1049' gain
Day 1: Bagley Lakes Slideshow
Day 2: Huntoon Point Slideshow

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