Fremont LO & 1st Burroughs (Jul 14, 2018)

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fremont_lo_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Sunrise
Area: Sunrise, WA
Reference: Day Hiking Mount Rainier
Stats: 7.91mi, 1711' gain (round trip)

It's been a hard two weeks at work so when Dani contacted me about doing a hike...and she had some ideas...I was more than happy to oblige. Dani had never been to Fremont LO so she suggested that as an idea. The trip out to the lookout is easy and short so the plan was to make it a fuller day by continuing out to 1st Burroughs and returning to Sunrise as a larger loop trip. Sounded good to me!

It's been a while since I've been up to Sunrise and the popularity of the heading to the park seems to have increased considerably. We arrived at the White River entrance to the park to find a huge line of cars queued up waiting to enter. My guess is that there must have been 75 cars in front of us. We thought about trying to head elsewhere but decided to stay in line. This caused a delay of about 40 minutes. When we passed through the gate (we had a kind of expedited entry because we had a pass) the delay was because people didn't have passes and were paying for a day pass. Yikes. The drive up to Sunrise was "interesting"...some asshat in a BMW felt the need to speed up the narrow, curvy, shoulderless road and pass everyone in front of him. Jerk! We arrived at Sunrise to find the lot full and they were parking more cars in gravel areas along the road. The BMW jerk was arguing with one of the park rangers about his slopping back-in parking skills. Seems he was trying to back-in in a way to take up more space so that is wouldn't get door dings. The rangers wasn't having any of it. We parked (elev 6384') and headed up the trail toward Frozen Lake.

Lots of people out today but at least if you know that starting out it makes it a bit easier to cope. We arrived at Frozen Lk (1.66mi, 6755') and made a right turn to head up the trail to the lookout. There were fewer flowers out than expected but still plenty to enjoy. We arrived at the lookout (2.97mi, 7157') and stopped to take in the views, take some photos, and get something to eat.

We then headed back to Frozen Lk (4.38mi, 6754') and then headed uphill on the trail to 1st Burroughs. There were still lots of people out. It appeared to me that they had done some trail work in the area to close some spur trails to lessen the impact of the foot traffic in the area. Near the top of 1st Burroughs I passed a couple that was heading off trail despite the several signs that they had passed asking hikers to stay ON trail. I politely asked them to please stay on the trail and explained why. They seemed receptive to my comments and I hung around a bit just to try to deter them from ignoring me but they did seem to take my comments to heart. Good.

I met up again with Dani at the far end of 1st Burroughs and we stopped again for another snack. We spent lots of time enjoying the views and we even spotted a heard of mountain goats nearby. Finally...with it getting pretty warm out (temps were low to mid 80's for the day) we started down taking the longer way back to Sunrise (via the Sunrise CG and Emmons Overlook). We were back at the car by about 3pm...plenty of time to stop at Wapiti Woolies to get a huckleberry milkshake and still get home at a decent time!
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