Bean Peak (Jul 4, 2018)

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bean_pk_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Reference: 75 Scrambles in Washington
Stats: 5.94mi, 2731' gain (round trip)

For some reason I had a hnkering to return to Bean Peak. Steve was interested as well. It has been a hard couple of weeks at work, I've been pretty anxious and stressed out and I thought the trip might help me work out some of the kinks. It did but not exactly in the way I intended.

We arrived at the TH (elev 3635') and it was not surprise to find a few cars there already. The road is in OK shape...the brush is encroaching some (not enough yet to worry about scratches) and there are a few deep ruts in the road. We headed up the trail and made a right at the first trail junction at the creek (.51mi, 3933'). The trail continues steeply uphill and there were lots of flowers about...lots. At about 1.9mi (5170') the trail crossed the creek a second time and just on the other side of the creek is a trail junction (signed) for Bean Creek Basin. I remember being up here a few years ago to find a more established boot path on the right side (west) of the basin but it seems (?) that now the trail there is maintained. I suppose that's helps keep the goofballs out of the marsh and colorful flower filled basin.

We headed first to the smaller lower basin and then up to the larger upper basin following the "trail". At the far end of the basin the path continues steeply uphill. I hate trails like this...not the's the loose gravel that I dislike. I was not happy heading uphill. I still had a huge not in my chest from the stress of the previous few days of work. I got to the ridge (southeast ridge of Bean Pk) and told Steve I was done. I told Steve to keep going...and I just headed down the ridge a bit to try to get some shade under a snag. Steve headed off to Bean and I could see him, his white shirt against the rust colored rock of Bean. He tried a couple different routes and I could see as he found a weakness here or there that got him higher up the peak. Then...down he came. When he got back to my perch and I told him how close he got...he seemed disappointed. Well at least he now knows the route and it's something for him to head back to finish.

We headed back down to the basin and then back down to the creek and we were back to the car about 4:15pm.

Great work settles down a bit and I get my stress levels under control...I have something to finish with Bean Pk.
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