Womxn's March in Seattle (Jan 21, 2017)

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womxns_march_coverConditions: protest march
Gear: comfortable shoes, a good attitude, a purpose and a dream
Map: n/a
Area: Seattle, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 6.28mi, 257' gain (round trip)

This march has been brewing for a while. I've been really disgusted with the results of the election. This was a chance for me tens of thousands of my fellow citizens to make a statement. When I found out about the march I signed up right away. Steve was game to join me. I talked to many other friends and they were planning to go. This was going to be fun with a purpose...

Steve and I left his place near Green Lake early, around 8am. Our plan was to take mass transit to Judkin's Park where the march would start. No problem catching the first bus. It dropped us off at a stop near the university. From there it got a bit harder. Pink hats, a sign of the march, were starting to pop up all around town. Swarms of pink hats, Small flocks of them, large flocks, solo pink hats here and there... Our bus transfer was late and when it finally flew but (without stopping) it was fun. This happened a few more times. One bus did stop and I was able to get on but then the driver said the bus was full...Steve couldn't get on, so I got off. We mulled our options. We had time so we decided to walk to the light rail station at the UW. We easily got on the next train and watched as it quickly filled with pink! Light rail took us and our fellow marchers down to the International District where we got off and walked a half mile or so to Judkin's Park. We arrive, about 10am...right on time.

The park was filled with lots of happy people. Lots of "colorful" signs too. A friend (Matt) finally spotted me in the crowd and a few of us chatted before the rally got underway. There were a couple of speakers, then the march started.

It took about an hour before we actually were able to start the march to Seattle Center. The park was so full that the crowds spilled off onto side streets in all directions. I'd read that organizers expected 50k marchers. Last count for the march mentioned as many as 175,000 marchers showed up! Just as the first marchers reached Seattle Center Judkin's Park more than 3.5 mile back was still not emptied out. It was amazing. We finally spilled out onto a side street (not in the main march flow) and finally moved into the mail stream after several blocks.

Near Pike Place Market we started to get hungry so we peeled off the march and headed into the market to search for food. It was a short break and then we headed back to meet up with the march. Back in the main line of marcher we reached Seattle Center about 3:15pm. We hung around a bit and then called it a day and went out in search of a bus to get us back to Green Lake.

Wow...absolutely amazing day. I'm really proud to have been part of this event.

Lessons learned today...

The "P" word is now the "p" word.

I've never seen so many graphical depictions of the female anatomy in my entire life, including 5th grade health class.

Now I'm off to look for ways to stay involved!
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