Huntoon Point (Jan 8, 2017)

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huntoon_pt_coverConditions: snowshoe
Gear: snowshoes
Map: USGS Shuksan Arm
Area: Mt Baker (Artist Point)
Reference: n/a
Stats: 3.65mi, 995' gain (round trip)

Finally back from the holidays...finally back into a routine...finally done dealing with VW on the recall of my Jetta. This winter the snow has been plentiful but I've been bad about getting out. Finally I had time to fit a trip in.

We headed up to Mt Baker in the new 4Runner. The roads were bare and clear. We went to find parking but got blocked by several lunkheads...lots of people wishes they could see the giant car stopped near them...please step out of the way please. Beep...beep...BEEP. It took a couple of honks on the horn for them to finally take notice and step out of the way. We parked, geared up, and headed up.

The route...if one can call it that...follows the rope line up to Artist Point and then once on top of the "ridge" we headed southeast to the high point at the end of the ridge.

Lots of AAIRE classes out today. Almost exactly three years ago I was there doing the same thing.

We hit the high point (Huntoon) and dropped our packs for lunch. I could see weather moving in. Slightly concerned we'd loose visibility I asked Steve if he was OK if we bailed on more exploring. I wanted to be off that ridge before the flurries arrived. Good thing...they did come in just as we were about to drop off the ridge and it was hard to tell the ground from the sky.

We made our way back to the car and found the road slightly slushy and traffic moving at a nice safe pace down and off the mountain.
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