Tyee Mtn LO (Sep 10-11, 2016)

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tyee_mtn_lo_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map:  USGS Sugarloaf Peak, USGS Tyee Mtn
Area: Entiat, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 6.65mi, 1648' gain (round trip)

Last minute trip to escape the wet weather on the west side...

Suzanne and Barry had planned a trip to Tyee Lookout. Steve and I joined...it would be nice to see someplace new and see another lookout that was still standing.

I knew we'd probably spend more time driving today than hiking. That's OK. Steve and I drove east over Hwy 2 and met Barry and Suzanne north of Wenatchee. We dropped a car at a park & ride and then piled into one car. Then the drive north to Entiat and an even longer drive up...up...up... Entiat River Road to Mad River Road to a convoluted series of paved FS roads (the last bit is gravel) until we reached out "trailhead" at the gate on FS 57700 Road (elev 5094'). Yowza...it's a long drive! There were some nice hunters out and about but for the most part...we had the trail to ourselves.

The first part of our route is trail following Billy Ridge. Nothing steep. It's a multi use trail and we could see that motorbikes had been out recently. We didn't hear or see any today. The trail is in good shape for a motorbike trail (we did see one steep section of trail that had concrete blocks place to help support the trail. Overall, a really nice trail.

As we neared the lookout we could see that there were two cars parked below the lookout. Through another set of roads once could actually drive all the way to the LO but reports are the road is rough and high clearance is required.

We reached the "summit" to find the cars were a group of Seahawks fans listening to the game in the small parking area below the lookout. They left soon after we arrived.

WE found a nice perch looking down to the Entiat River and had a nice lunch. The wind way picking up so the question was which way to return to the car? Take a longer route back to make it a loop or just take the shorter, direct, route back. We decided on the shorter route. Steve and I still had the long drive all the way back to the west side...

Lots of great fall color up high. No berries. There are a few huck bushes but looks like all the berries are long gone...

The lookout appears to have seen better days. It is all secured and wrapped up tight but it sure could use a fresh coat of paint and some of the railings are looking a bit rotten.
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