Mount Vernon (Dec 26, 2016)

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Area: Alexandria, VA
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My sister and I have talked about visiting George Washington's estate for a couple of years but somehow we never got around to a visit...until this year. Her oldest had been there, now it was time for the family to see it. I was in town for the week, my parents were too. We loaded up into two cars and headed south. The weather today was the good weather day (no rain) so hopefully we'd have a nice visit.

It was chilly when we arrived and as we walked up to the main entry point for the main house the line was short. We didn't have to wait long for the next tour group to go into the house.

My impressions of the house...for a house of this era, the doorways and ceilings were surprisingly high. Mostly likely this is because GW himself was tall (6' 2"). The house was large but not as large as I was expecting. One of the guides said GW didn't believe in huge ostentatious homes. The grounds are enormous. The current estate is about 500 acres. Originally it was much larger, 8,000 acres and stretched along the shores of the Potomac way up towards Washington DC. The Washington family owned the property since 1674 and GW became the sole owner in 1761. After GW's death, in the hands of subsequent owners from the family, the property fell into disrepair. By the mid 1850's it was nearly in ruins. It was saved from ruin by The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association which manages the property today. Interesting...the property is not a National Park unit. There is a small admission fee that is used to help maintain the grounds. It is well worth the visit. GW, Martha, and other members of the Washington family are buried in an underground crypt on the site.
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