Green Mountain LO (Jul 1, 2016)

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gmlo_coverConditions: day trip
Gear: nothing special
Map:  USGS Huckleberry Mountain
Area: Darrington, WA
Reference: Day Hiking North Cascades
Stats: 8.7mi, 3317' gain (round trip)'s been over a decade since I've been to Green Mtn this time of year. I was there in November, soon after access was restored but that was under very different conditions. There were countless WTA work parties where a group of us worked the trail. I still recognize those stretches we worked on. But my oh my...I wanted to see those chest high deep meadows chock full of wildflowers...this green meadows that gave Green Mtn is name. My memories did not fail me.

The first stretches of the trail in the trees were chock full of saprophytes...pinesap, coralroot, candy stick...and the chicken head mushrooms were all over the place.

The lower meadows were in full summer bloom...gazillions of columbia lilies, paintbrush, lupine, penstemon, columbine, valerian, lousewort, wild roses, wild azaleas...the lower meadows are at peak flower bloom now.

There is still some patchy snow in the tarns area.

The upper meadows are fresh out of their heavy snow cover. Bits and pieces of snow patches here and there on the way up to the ridge. The flowers show here is still early spring and the flowers are fewer...mainly marsh marigolds and glacier lilies.

The LO is of course still locked but I'm getting ready and excited to take my turn as a lookout steward in early September.

For a Friday I was surprised by the number of visitors 12-18 today. I'm sure the crowds will be much heavier this holiday weekend.

The trail is generally in great shape. There are a few small trees down..only about two trees are large enough that they are a bit of a pain to get under or over.

Green Mtn LO is likely my most favorite hike in all of I remembered why. Photos just don't do this place justice.
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