Cindy's Visit (Jan 22-23, 2016)

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cindy_visit_coverConditions: urban walks
Gear: nothing
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Area: Snoqualmie, WA & San Juan Islands
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Cindy was in town for a short visit between business trip. First her out here to Seattle (Renton). Then I headed out to NY State for a few days and was able to get OUT of NY State before the epic 2016 blizzard hit the east coast. Cindy had to be in NV early this coming week so instead of flying back east (which turned out to be a great idea with all the flight cancellations) she stayed at my house for the weekend. it was a short visit, only about a day and a half but I was really greatful and HAPPY to see her!

I wanted to show Cindy some of the other great sights in the area. She was out here before and the family did the big Seattle/Mt Rainier vacation. This time...I wanted to show her something a bit different, and hopefully something for scenic/quiet. Friday afternoon we headed out to Snoqualmie Falls. On Saturday we got up early, drove up to Anacortes, then caught the ferry over to Friday Harbor. Once on the island we drove over to Lime Kiln State Park to visit the lighthouse. We managed to spot an otter with something (a fish or maybe a small octopus) in it's mouth as it swam by. Then back in Friday harbor we walked around town, had lunch, walked out into the marina, watched a sea plane land, and just enjoyed some quite time.

I'm really, really thankful I got to spend some time with her even if it was a short visit. Love Ya Cindy!!!
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