Snoqualmie Falls (Feb 7, 2015)

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snoqualmie_falls_coverConditions: urban hike
Gear: nothing but a camera
Map: USGS Snoqualmie
Area: Snoqualmie, WA
Reference: n/a
Stats: 1.4mi, 300' gain (round trip)

Gotta love a Pineapple Express...but wait...aren't they calling those Atmospheric Rivers now? I like Pineapple Express...everyone knows what that means. The other say it and you get "what's that?" in response.

I just didn't feel like driving an hour or so to get soaked. I don't mind hiking in a bit of rain...tons of rain...not so much fun. I had thought of going to Boulder River, it's a good fallback hike for weather like this. But, with weather like this the trail gets mucky, filled with water in places, and slick in one spot close to the end. The trail isn't going anywhere, I've hiked it so many times I've lost count.

Snoqualmie Falls during flood...we'll I've never seen it like that so that's where I decided to head today. I took the back roads (203 and 202) to get there. The same amount of driving time as going 405 and 5 but much more scenic and best of all...not an interstate.

I parked in the large lot on the north side of the road and donned the rain jacket, it was pouring outside. Then a short walk over the bridge and over to the overlooks. Lots of rain. Lots of mist. Lots of people.

I think the best overlook up top is the one furthest away from the falls. You get the best angle looking at the falls. I snapped a couple of photos and then walked the gravel trail down. The trail is steepish but not bad. It's only about .7mi from the top down to the bottom and loses about 300'.

I stayed a bit a the bottom, then walked back up the trail. It was raining pretty hard. I'm guessing tomorrow the amount of water coming over the falls will make the falls better than today.
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