Mount Dickerman (Mar 13, 2015)

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mt_dickerman_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: microspikes
Map: USGS Bedal
Area: Mountain Loop Highway
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades
Stats: 9.34mi, 3863' gain (round trip)

Bad weather was in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully Friday was a day off so best to get the hike in before the weather turned...

I didn't want to drive far so I figured something off Mtn Loop would be ideal...something with decent elevation gain...Dickerman fit the bill.

I didn't need a super early start since getting to the TH from my house takes less than 90 minutes. I was at the TH by about 9:20am and heading up the trail before 9:30am. I was surprised to find about 8 cars at the TH on a Friday.

Trail down low is completely melted out. I didn't hit snow until about 4400' and even was really patchy. I had brought microspikes (left the ice axe and snowshoes at home) which came in handy. Lots of boots on the trail have turned what snow there is into some icy sections. Spikes went on at about 5100' and it was here that the patchy snow became pretty much consistent the rest of the way up to the top (another 600'+). For the most part, due to the low snow, the route up to the top was easy to find and is following the summer trail.

It was nice to do the trip on a weekday...smaller crowds. Even with a weekday though there were about a half dozen of us on the top. Bumped into Arthur Wright who gave me his contact info to get on a mailing list to help with lookout maintenance. Nice guy and wow...what a small world.

Good day out. I waved in the general direction of Sperry where I knew Tom was headed. Most high points in all directions looked dismally low in snow for this time of year. It could be an interesting summer.

It was a bit windy up top so after a short stay, only long enough to quickly eat lunch, I headed back down.
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