Mazama & Monument Trail (Jan 17-18, 2015)

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monument_ck_coverConditions: Snowshoe
Gear: Snowshoes
Map: USGS McLeod Mountain
Area: Mazama
Reference: n/a
Stats: 5.91mi, 519' gain (round trip)

The invite came out from Stefan...a cabin weekend out in Mazama with some friends...mid-January....anyone interested... Well sure...

Friday was a non-work Friday which was perfect since Stefan could drive and wanted to take off about mid-day. So he picked me up about 1:30pm and then we drove the long about winter route over to Mazama over Hwy 2 > Wenatchee > up Hwy 97 > Hwy 153 > Hwy 20. What is normally about a 3hr drive in the summer with Hwy 20 open over Washington Pass turns into a much longer 5.5hr drive. Worth it though to spend a weekend in a cabin in Mazama with friends. We stopped in Winthrop to pick up something for dinner and were first to arrive at the cabin about 7pm. Heidi would arrive about an hour after us. The rest of the group (Brian, Ally, Carla, Lindsay, Annette) would arrive later morning on Saturday.

We fired up the wood stove to get the place warmed up, at some dinner, had a nice chat after Heidi arrived, and then bunked down sometime after midnight...

Morning came and Stefan was up early making breakfast. After breakfast we headed off to do a bump near Driveway Butte. The weather was socked in, there was a nice ice crust everywhere, and I was still recovering from a nasty cold so I headed over to another friends cabin to help Heidi get her sled out of a friend's shed. What should have been a quick trip turns into a 2.5hr chore. Nice proof that the best way to park a sled in a shed is to back it in! After digging out the sled I headed back to the cabin to find that the rest of the group was starting to arrive.

After sorting out some gear the snowshoers decided to head out to the Monument Trail for a bit of a walk. It was no use even bothering with skis since the ice crust was everywhere and it was thick. Just a real pain. We hiked out the trail, staring in town, for about 2 miles, before turning around and heading back tot he cabin.

The group sat around the stove warming up and there was a lot of activity in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. OMG...the amount of food was crazy! Another late night sitting around talking...I love these lazy kinds of evenings...

Sunday morning came again early and once again Stefan was in the kitchen making breakfast...and he had his unicorn outfit on :) Crazy amounts of food again. Then...time to pack up. Stefan and I had to get our gear sorted and packed into his car. The plan was to head over to East 20 Pizza for lunch and to watch the Seahawks in the playoffs. Stefan and I would head directly back to the west side after the game. The Hawks won...WOW WAS IT A CRAZY GAME...and after the win, about 3:30pm...we started the long drive back. I was home by about 8pm.

Great weekend everyone!
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