Iron Peak (Oct 24, 2015)

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iron_pk_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Reference: n/a
Stats: 7.32mi, 2549' gain (round trip)

Steve wanted to do another hike so I thought it would be nice to show him another one of my favorite areas. I had been tossing around a couple of ideas in the area (Bean, Earl) but I settled on this one. The idea was to do both Iron and Gene's. JimK joined us. It was nice to connect up with him again.

We started up the trail and the clouds were low. I wouldn't call it socked in but the far off views weren't there. Just below the saddle between Iron and Gene's I paused for a minute thinking I saw flecks of white. Sure was snowing. It was a light flurry but just as we reached the ridge it was a full on snow squall. It was cold enough and snowing hard enough that the ground got a light dusting of the white stuff.

The good was snowing. This was an unexpected treat. The bad news...our limited views were gone. We decided to head up to Iron first hoping that if the snow let up we could do Gene's Pk afterwards. The wind whipped up pretty good and all of us got a good taste of the winter to come. It is an easy ridge walk all the way over to the Iron Pk highpoint.

We stayed a little while, enough time to eat a quick lunch. Just before leaving the summit the squall passed over and we finally got the views over to Mt Stuart and the upper Enchantments. My fingers were numb, it was a good reminder to throw another pair of warmer mittens into my day pack. We decided to pass on Gene' isn't going anywhere. It gives me a good excuse to head back. It's one of the few remaining Teanaway peaks left I haven't done.

On the hike back down it cleared enough that we would see almost all of Mt Rainier to the south. By the time we got back to the car we had blue sky above us.
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