Thomas Mountain (Jan 4, 2014)

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thomas_mtn_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: snowshoes, microspikes, ice axe
Map: USGS Kachess Lake
Area: Easton
Stats: approx. 8.6mi, 3422' gain (round trip)

Last minute plans...would it be Defiance or Thomas. We decided to head for Thomas (same ridge as Baldy & Domerie...out by Kachess Lk and Cle Elum Lk).

We met at the SE8th P&R at 7am, then packed into one car and headed over to Easton.

The road to the trailhead (~2370') is still open...all the way to the trailhead. Not sure how much longer this will last.

We pretty much followed the summer trail all the way to the top. Down low, there was not snow and it was bare dirt. Where is all the snow this year? In the first 1.4mi the trail climbs about 1050' snow. The trail then eases back a bit for the next 2.3mi (gains ~ 270')...still very little snow. Then the trail goes uphill again gaining 1350' in the last 1+ mile to Pt 4942. It's on the last couple hundred feet to Pt 4942 did we finally see some decent amount of snow, finally putting on snowshoes just below where the views open up.

We bumped into another group of hikers here (a group of 3) and it was just us 3 headed over to Thomas today.

In the last 1.2mi to Thomas the trail gains 587' (loses about 270'). Finally the ridge had some snow. The ridge is not really all that "open", most of the ridge walk is in trees...big ones.

Nice views of Mt Rainier and farther off Mt Adams along the route.

If you are planning to head up soon...there is a nice trench all the way to the top to Thomas. Might not survive the next snow dump.

Brought snowshoes (used), microspikes (used on the steeper section of trail below Pt 4942 that had a skim coating of snow), and ice axes (not used).
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