Mt. Washington (Dec 7, 2014)

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mt_washington_coverConditions: day trip
Gear: nothing special
Map:  USGS Chester Morse Lake
Area: North Bend, WA
Stats: 8.74mi, 3461 gain (round trip)

Not too much to report on this trip. Was fun to get out again on a trip with Barb. Was made even more fun by running into Yoko just out of the parking lot. Barb is a great hiking companion. Steady and calm. Yoko...I'm looking forward to doing more trips with her...she's a real hoot!

Nobody really wanted to drive all that far but everyone wanted to get out. The weather promised to be was. It also promised to be partly wasn't.

Mt Washington is criss crossed all over the place with old logging roads. Some look recently decommissioned...others much older. Nearly the entire route we took up to the top is a connection of old logging roads. Some were pretty cobbled up with rocks. Others just darned hard packed which make the hike back down a bit hard on the feet. There was barely any snow at all the entire way up. A bit surprising for this point in the year. Looks like this winter could be sizing up to match the weird snow conditions that started off last winter.

This trip, in my best saved as a winter snowshoe trip. It appears to be a good fallback trip when avy conditions are pretty hike.
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