Hex Mtn (Mar 30, 2014)

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hex_mtn_coverConditions: Snowshoe
Gear: Snowshoes
Map: USGS Cle Elum Lake
Area: Roslyn
Stats: 7.46mi, 2756' gain (round trip)

Matt has never been to Hex...I couldn't believe it! Since the weather wasn't supposed to be the best, a trip to the east side of the crest seemed in order. The motley crew was: SuzanneH, Barry, Gus (the wonderdog), Carla, Elle, Izzy (cute border collie), Matt, SuzanneR, Tom, Jasper (the snowpig), Barb, and me. Lots of arranging of cars at park and ride lots before heading over I-90.

Weather improved as we headed over the crest. Good. We exited at the Roslyn exit, through a couple of traffic circles, then through Roslyn and Ronald, and then finally up the road. We parked right at the side of the road, near the gate.

We started out without snowshoes because the snow was thin but even so, it wasn't worth it. A few hundred feet up the road we dropped packs and put snowshoes on. It was just easier. The road is partially melted out in a couple of places but with snowshoes on we were able to walk around the dirt patches...a few we just stomped across the bard dirt. The road climbs steadily up. Just shy of two miles up the road is the summer trailhead (elev 3467).

The trail stays on the high point of the SW ridge of Hex. It's treed at first but then eventually opens up. I've done Hex several times and each time this open spot on the ridge is windy. Real windy. Today was no exception.

At the junction with the Sasse Mtn trail we headed right (SE) a short distance to the high point of Hex (3.75mi, elev 5034'). The trail drops a little bit, then heads back up. The summit is open and as expected...it was windy. There were a couple of quick photos and then we backtracked to the first saddle down below for a lunch break. Today was the fourth birthday for my new knees so I brought brownies for the group.

Eventually it was time to pack up. Instead of heading up the high point where the trail junction was, we traversed on the south face a 50-60' below the high point until we met up with the summer trail. Then it was down, down, down to the road and a not so long soul sucking road walk back to the car.
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