Franklin Falls (Aug 31, 2014)

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franklin_falls_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Snoqualmie Pass
Area: Snoqualmie Pass
Reference: Day Hiking Snoqualmie Region
Stats: 3.1mi, 483' gain (round trip)

Earlier this year, Cynthia and I had talked about hiking up to Franklin Falls, as a way to celebrate Franklin's birthdays. Those plans didn't work out. Cynthia emailed me a few days ago "got plans this weekend?" I mentioned looking for an easy hike on day since I had plans for a larger three day backpack soon afterwards. Cynthia was all on board to hike up to Franklin Falls.

This is an easy hike. About 1 mile each way. So...the plan was to get a not so early start, hike up to the falls, and then lunch in North Bend afterwards.

We ambled slowly up the trail. Sometimes walking...sometime talking...sometimes poking into the woods for something to look at. We got to the falls fast and walked part of the trail heading to the base of the falls. I've never been to the falls before but imagine it was flowing pretty high with the recent rain. Not feeling like we wanted to get soaked, we didn't go to the base. Instead, we stepped back a bit, found a nice place to sit, and watched the falls some more, talked more...had a snack.

Finally we figured it was time to head back. More wandering around on the way back. The recent rains look like they've helped out the mushroom crop. Lots of fungi poking out.

We got back to the car again pretty quickly and saw a sign for an old historic wagon road. That had us both interested in poking around some more. About 30 yards from the falls trailhead we say the sign for the historic wagon road. The signs promised me ruts. I wanted ruts. I didn't find any ruts... Darn. Was still pretty interesting poking around though.

Afterwards we stopped by the Riverbend Cafe in North Bend for a yummy lunch :)
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