Sauer Mountain (April 26, 2013)

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sauer_mtn_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: camera
Map: USGS Leavenworth
Area: Peshatin
Stats: 6.5mi, 2600' (round trip)

I had been travelling quite a bit. Two coast to coast trips in two weeks. The first trip for vacation to visit family, the I was tired. Sore. Aching to get out. I managed to leave early on Friday and knew Sauer Mtn was an easy trip. I wasn't looking for anything long...just something to ease my aching muscles.

I didn't have a map. The batteries in my GPS we dead. What was I to do? Hike on...

From Leavenwroth drive east on Hwy 2 to Peshatin. Make a left (north) off two at the "Peshatin" sign, go over the bridge/river and continue as the road bears to the left. Keep going, taking the turn under the RR tressel, and continue to the Peshastin Cemetary making a right onto Anderson Canyon Rd at the end of the cemetary. Park at what looks like the end of the road. There is a handmade "Trail" sign. This day, I found hand painted rock ladybugs at the TH :)...$5 for a pair.

The trail heads up on what looks like private land at first. Lots of trail art on the trees along the way. After a short stretch (maybe 1/2 mile), the trail enters FS land. The trail traverses above some cliffy rock and heads in and out of the trees. I hit a junction (marked "loop") and stayed right.

Lots of flowers out...balsamroot, paintbrush, oregon anemone, lupine...

I had heard this trail had a pretty awesome flower show it you hit it at the right time. Seemed averagely awesome too me...meaning nice...but nothing extraordinary.

I just wandered about...staying on the ridge, following the obvious trail...taking my time enjoying just being out on the trail again. I miss trails when I've been away even for a short time.

Eventually it was time to head down. I was back at the car at 4:30pm. said 87F. I don't like hot... I hope this isn't a sign this summer is going to be a scortcher.
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