Oregon Coast (Jun 7-9, 2013)

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oregon_coast_coverConditions: Day hikes
Gear: nothing special
Area: Nehalem OR, Cannon Beach OR, Cape Disappointment WA

My parents have been on an extended cross country RV trip. I was hoping I'd have a chance to see them at some point. Maybe they'd make a trip up to Washington State or someplace close enough for a long weekend...

Dad mentioned they'd be travelling as far north as Oregon before heading back east for home. We chatted a bit looking for a good place within reach for me to drive to. We settled on Nehalem and Nehalem Bay State Park.

I drove down on a Friday at met them at their "pad", a nice spot tucked in the trees, right off the beach, on the Oregon Coast.

I'd forgotten how much I like the Oregon coast...tamer in a lot of ways than the Washington coast. Less rugged...but no less beautiful.

We spent the late afternoon walking the beach, picking up shells, catching up on family news.

Saturday we spent they day poking into various small beaches north of Nehalem looking for good places to walk, hopefully find a couple of tide pools to explore, touring lighthouses. We eventually made our way up to Cannon Beach...gotta love those sea stacks, and then crossed the Columbia River at Astoria and headed over to Cape Disappointment State Park. Dad's a bit fan of the Lewis and Clark Expedition so I figured he's have some fun walking around where there expedition ended.

Sunday found us staying a bit closer to Nehalem and doing some more beach walking. After dinner it was time to part, me heading back north to my home in Washington state, Mom and Dad headed east to their home in Tennessee.
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