Lake Ann (Oct 13, 2013)

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lk_ann_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Stats: 8.68mi, 2523' gain (round trip)

Work has been frustrating lately. I'm so time to think further than the present. So...making plans for the weekend ahead is challenging. When Suzanne sent out an email to see if there was interest I jumped on it. She asked for suggestions and I mentioned a loop to Lk Ann and Fortune Peak. I wasn't thinking about the loop being dog friendly but that was an added benefit.

I asked Deb if she was interested and she signed on. Suzanne and Barry met us as the Ingalls Way TH at 9am...the lot was packed and cars were starting to line the road down towards DeRoux. We packed our stuff up, hung the permit from the rear view mirror and up the trail we headed. Lots and lots of people out and about.

As a reminder...the trail to Lake Ann is dog friendly, pooches permitted. The trail up to Ingalls Pass, through Headlight Basin, and over to Ingalls pooches allowed and party size restrictions apply. There are three signs notifying hikers. One at the trailhead, one at the junction 1/4mile up the trail, and one at the pass. If you want to hike with your dog...head to Lake Ann. Don't hike up to the pass and beyond and claim ignorance. You choose to ignore the warnings.

So the trail to Lk Ann follows the creek. At 1/4 mile continue straight towards Esmeralda Basin. The trail was snow free to nearly 5500' and in great shape. There were hoards headed to Ingalls Lake (100+ including dogs) but along the trail to Lake Ann...just 9 other hikers. Nice.

The trail gains elevation nice and gradual. At about 2.25mi (5300') the trail starts a couple of switchbacks up to a flattish area at about 3.5mi (6600'). Then more switchbacks, covered in about 2-3 feet of snows, up to the ridge (Fortune Pass). With good snow cover, we took a direct route up to the ridge.

From the ridge our group split. Barry, Suzanne and Gus headed up Fortune. Deb and I wanted to see some larch color so we dropped about 300' to the lake stopping at a bump that had a nice view. Here we dropped out packs and had a nice lunch and spent some time enjoying the views. We could see the other half of our group on the summit.

After a nice break we packed up, headed back up to the ridge and out. We didn't see the other half of the group, they took a more direct route down Fortune (the south side) and beat us back out of the TH with plenty of time.

Larch color was about at peak.

We did take snowshoes but never used them, the joke being that the have become training weight with the early snows.
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