Iron Mtn & Serpentine Pk (Nov 24, 2013)

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iron_serpentine_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Blewett, WA
Area: Blewett Pass
Stats: 12.9
mi, 3770' gain (round trip)

Great trip! Suzanne and Barry picked the destination. I was game since I haven't spent much time in this part of the Teanaways. Some day I'll finish off the Teanaway Peak. It is such a great area.

I got a not so early start leaving the house at about 6:30am and driving over Hwy 2 towards Wenatchee. I met Suzanne and Barry at the P&R lot at the 97/2 junction at about 8:45am. We settled into one car and drove south on 97 to our turnoff. We were able to park at the summer TH, there was no snow. The no snow was a surprise. We'd all brought snowshoes. Suzanne and I decided to leave them in the car. Barry brought his for training weight :)

There is a lot of road walking on this route. I hate road walking. This wasn't too bad though since this was "new" road. I was determined to hike up both peaks because I wasn't coming back to walk that road again. Of the 12.9 miles logged on the GPS, 10.7 of it was on roads. Lower down the road was snow free. Higher up there were some longer stretches of snow but none of it was very deep. The snow patches did help break up the monotony of the road walk though.

The hike started out cold, pretty cold, due the inversion. Along the first stretch of road following Shaser Creek there was a good amount of hoar frost developing along the ground and on the trees/bushes/grass. Higher up it got significantly warmer, most of us peeling of layers.

We headed first up Iron Mtn walking the road to just south of the high point and then once there, heading nearly straight uphill. Iron Mtn is an easy walkup though one tree on the ridge gave me some trouble trying to squeeze around it. It was easier to just bypass it. After a lunch break on Iron we headed back towards Iron (walking the road). We got to the serpentine covered saddle "Serpentine Pass" at the head of King Creek and then followed a boot patch to the high point which was nearly tree covered and not quite a scenic as Iron Mtn.

Instead of me heading nearly straight down to Shaser Creek from the Serpentine summit (and me going insufferably slow) we decided to just walk the road back. Hard to say what would have been quicker. The direct route looked appealing but I hate steep downhill and with the lack of snow, we may have hit some brushy sections. Even with the road walk out, we were out by dark.

Great trip with great company!
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