Carne Mountain (Oct 6, 2013)

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carne_mtn_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Trinity
Area: Entiats
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades
Stats: 8.1mi, 3632' gain (round trip)

Suzanne sent out an email asking for takers...suggested Carne Mtn. I was slacking again, planning for my weekend. Carne...I could be talking into it...easily.

Ended up being Carla, Suzanne, Barry, Gus (the dog) and me. I picked up Carla and we drove over to Wenatchee Saturday evening. Dinner was waiting when we arrived :)

Up in the morning, we packed up the cars and headed over to Coles Corner. We dropped my car at the Chelan County PUD since I wasn't sure Gertie (the Jetta) would make it up Phelps Ck Rd. A warning from Franklin to watch out for the oil pan if I did.

We arrived and found no snow and a few cars at the TH. We knew there were several parties in the area yesterday so we hoped for a good trench the whole way up.

The hike started out cool, almost cold in the forest. Once the trail reaches the start of the big open slope with the switchback...time to change to short sleeves. It's about here that the snow starts. A bit at first, then about half way up the slope more consistent. By the time we reach the basin it was all on snow.

There was a nice trench beat in all the way across the basin and up to the summit in fact. We heard a few voices but never spotted the source. Wow...we all wondered why there weren't more people in the area today.

At the far side of the basin the trail starts a series of a few switchbacks up to the saddle. I always like reaching this point...the views to the east and north are just incredible and we weren't disappointed.

The trench continued up to the summit and we found there were two other hikers there and they were just starting to pack to leave as we arrived.

We had the place to ourselves for a while. A nice long lunch break. Lots of time for photos.

On the way down we cut one of the switchbacks to the basin. Normally not good but with so much snow not an issue. There must be 3 feet of snow up high.

The day was warming up and the hike out, even in the forest was pretty warm, almost hot. It was in the upper 60's at the TH.

Carla and I carried snowshoes the whole trip but never used them. With the snow coming down now...they likely will be needed in the coming days.
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