Tomyhoi Ridge (Sep 30, 2012)

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tomyhoi_ridge_coverConditions: day hike
Map: USGS Mount Shuksan
Area: Mt Baker
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's North Cascades National Park Region
Stats: 9.7mi, 3162' gain (round trip)

My third trip to the area. This time the goal was to wander up Tomyhoi Ridge a ways...

The trail I recall was very steep just after leaving the TH. A downed tree fixed there. There is a slight reroute and the tread is greatly improved. Same for the trail through the lower open meadowed switchbacks. After a few zigs and zags through the meadows (brush) the trail enters the forest. The trail is steepish (but not bad) until reaching the junction where a spur trail forks off to the right and heads up the ridge and then down to Tomyhoi Lk. We went left through a long rising traverse of the ridge. Most of the snow that lingers late into the season was gone. The trail by now completely melted out. Fall color was lingering but definitely starting to wilt. After rounding the ridge (SW of the "bump" most people hike up) the trail switches back another couple of times and then opens up to views toward Tomyhoi, down to the lower YAB tarns and over to Baker.  We followed the trail downs a steep set of short switchbacks to just above the tarns, then headed right (north) following the trail through the upper YAB tarns and up onto Tomyhoi Ridge. We stopped for the day at a nice viewpoint towards the border peaks and down toward Tomyhoi Lk (really a glorified mudflat this time of year). A nice leisurely lunch, a few photos and them time to head out. A pretty uneventful day that included bumping into Lisa (Loper) and Nancy (Zachster).
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