Niagara Falls (Apr 11, 2012)

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niagara_falls_coverConditions: business trip side trip
Gear: nothing special
Area: Buffalo, NY

It's been years since I've been the falls. As a kid, the family would travel to northern Ontario and we would sometimes stop at the falls. Probably because us 4 kids we acting up in the old Dodge station wagon and my parents needed a break.

I don't recall ever visiting the Canadian side where the better views are. As this was a side trip on a business trip, I only had time for a quick visit to the fall.

It was interesting learning that the area in the vicinity of the fall (now a state park) was heavily lobbied to become one of the nation's national parks. Niagara Falls State Park is the nation's oldest state park. Early protectionist wanted to protect it from the encroaching development and commercialization. They lost the battle (this was before the idea of national parks began to catch on) but at least the area got some protection as a state park.

Hopefully on the next trip to the area I can swing a bit more free time to I can head over to the Canadian side for a view.
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