Mount Si (Dec 23, 2012)

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mt_si_coverConditions: day hike, snowshoe
Gear: snowshoes
Map: USGS North Bend, USGS Chester Morse Lake, USGS Mount Si
Area: North Bend
Stats: 7.58mi, 3287' gain (round trip)

I had a goal for the year, 100K vertical. I was close, very close to reaching the goal. Gwen was in for a trip. We decided to stay local. When Gwen suggested the old trail up Mt Si I was interested since I'd only ever hiked up the superhighway known as the "new" trail. Gwen promised the old trail would be near deserted. Thanks Gwen for being right.

We parked at the small TH parking area and hiked up the nice loop trail. Gwen said to look out for a sign marking the Boulder Garden Loop trail. The old trail heads uphill near the sign. It's not really at that faint, it's easy to find and the trail is still in great shape even though it's no longer maintained.

The trail started out first on dirt, then with a bit of ice, then thin snow and then finally, deeper snow. Nearly all the hike up is in deep forest. That was nice because it wasn't windy. Higher up on the ridge, near the junction with the new trail, the old trail opens up and was cold. Not much time for stopping.

We continued on to the junction with the new trail and then it was only a bit further to the "top". I say "top" because it's not the haystack, the real top. It's more of a convenient place to stop, out of the biting wind, and here we turned around. But not after looking at the GPS and finding out I'd made 100K for the year with even a bit extra for good measure!

I have to say, I like this old trail up Si a whole lot more then the new trail.
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