Iron Peak via Beverly Creek (Nov 4, 2012)

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iron_pk_coverConditions: Day Hike
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Stats: 10.23mi, 3015' gain (round trip)

What a difference 5 months makes. I made my first trip up Iron on July 6th under clear skies, warm temps and beautiful views. My return trip found us with rain, low clouds, rain, a bit of wind on the ridge, rain...and oh...rain.

We parked at the Bean Ck TH ~3600' and found one truck. Probably a hunter (never did see him/her). We donned the requisite rain gear  for me rain coat and pants and OR Seattle Sombrero hat. Jim had nearly the same but traded the hat for an umbrella. We crossed the bridge, hiked the 1/2 of old road to the first junction and then headed left at the form (straight) and crossed Bean Creek which was running a bit high with the recent rain but it was no trouble to cross (bounder hopping worked). Then it was 2 miles to the next junction (trail takes one to the saddle between Bills and Bean and drops down Fourth Creek). We continued straight though, traversing low along the SW flanks of Bills crossing lots of gravellanches. The rocks slides looked more like lava flows here. There were two minor "gullies" through the rock but the trail has been beat down across the rock slides so it's easy to follow. It was still raining and the views were still clouded out.

At about 4.5mi from the TH we reached the saddle between Iron Pk (marked on the USGS quad) and Gene's Pk (Pt 6779 just north of the saddle). Along the ridge we saw the first real snow, likely from the dump from about two weeks ago. It was still easy to follow the trail. Snow, at least yesterday, was not an issue. It was just another 1/2+ mile beyond the saddle the Iron Pk summit. Trail the whole way. Hmmm...we had the summit to ourselves. I wonder if the clouds and rain and wind kept the crowds at home today??? It was a quick check into the summit register before the wind started to pick up. With the lack of views...we decided to  bail on summit time and head back down retracing our route up. While the views never did improve much on the way out, the rain at least stopped (maybe slowed down is a better term) when we dropped down off the saddle.

Normally this place is gorgeous in the Spring. It would have been nice today with Fall color had it not been for the rain and low clouds. Fun trip. out for the nasty drain dips the FS dug in across the road. There are 7 of them. Yes, 7. Can't see why they put them in other than to slow traffic down. I've never seen water across the road where the dips are. A normal clearance car will bottom out if not going slow.
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