Yakima Skyline Ridge (Apr 9, 2011)

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yakima_skyline_ridge_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Pomona
Area: Yakima
Reference: Desert Hikes Washington
Stats: 6mi, 1537' gain (round trip)

I always start to get the itch this time of year to head east to see color. Those that know mean know I mean flowers :) I did OK on this trip. It's still a bit early though.

I parked at the new trailhead. That means going through the gate, driving the dirt road and them parking as high up or as close to the "TH" as you dare. The road can be and usually is really bad the last bit. Note to self...should I ever do this TH again...well I likely won't...but if I do...park down lower. It's better for the car.

The trail heads up the drainage and really doen't open up to views until just show of the ridge. The advante of this TH versus the older one...more trees and flowers which are traded for views (at least down lower). After reaching the ridge I headed SE to the high point. Then a quick turn around and then off towards Gracie Point. I bailed on Gracie Point when the thunder and lightning I say in the distance got just a little *too* close for comfort. I ended up in a quick walk back to the car (these legs no longer run).
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