Lake TwentyTwo (Nov 19, 2011)

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lake22_coverConditions: snowshoe
Gear: snowshoes
Map: USGS Verlot
Area: Mountain Loop Highway
Stats: 5.5mi, 1340' gain (round trip)

Lots of snow has been falling and it still early in the season...

Jim and I decided to Lake TwentyTwo (or is it LK22, Lake 22...) Snow on the roads in Verlot. More snow in the parking area. Thankfully the road was recently plowed. It was still a bit slick though. Jim pulled into a spot in the lot and we put on the gear which in this case was warm clothing. It was cold! It was snowing as we left the car... It would just get colder and snow more the higher up we went.

It's been a while since I've hiked this trail. It's a good one though. The trail grade is nice and gentle.

We had been following a set of fresh prints in the snow. The footprints got deeper as we reached the open areas. Eventually we caught up with them and passed them (they weren't prepared for the conditions). The sun was coming out and the crisp blue skies and the pure fresh snow made for a beautiful landscape.

As we entered the lake basin the sun disappeared behind the walls surrounding the lake. Temperatures plummeted and it was hard to even pull off the gloves for a few seconds to snap photos. The pain of warming my hands back up limited the photography.

We took a short break at the lake outlet and then continued on hiking around the lake...finally feeling the need to put the snowshoes on that we carried up to the lake. There is a boardwalk all the way around the lake. All the fresh snow though had piled up on the boardwalk so it was like walking a gymnastic balance beam. We didn't make it all the way around the lake. Unconsolidated patchy snow...just didn't make for fun travel and the on and off with the snowshoes would be pain so...we decided to call it a day and hike out.
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