East Esmeralda (Jul 17, 2011)

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east_esmeralda_coverConditions: scramble
Gear: helmet
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Alpine Lakes

I was looking to get back into the scrambling mode. Yeah...bad choice on this trip. A friend coordinated the trip and had mentioned he'd one the route before. The route leaves from the Ingalls Way trailhead at the end of the road. We dropped down from the parking lot, found a way across the creek and then the route heads very steeply uphill.

The person leading mentioned the route up East Esmeralda (Pt 6479) was mostly class 2-3. I'd disagree. The route is definitely more like class 3-4. After leaving the creek the route is very steep and exposed. Lots of use of hands (near constant use of handholds) and the risk of a fall would not be good.

I'd definitely bitten off more than I could handle on this trip. Thinking the trip was more like class 3 I figured the new knees (which were a bit more than a year old) could handle the trip. I was wrong. I'd gone about 500' up before reason set in and I called it quits. One other person who was also in over her head also headed down with me while the rest of the group continued up.

The route definitely does go and that's great. Just be prepared for lots of exposure and the occasionally loose rocky area. Ick...
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