Diamond Head (Feb 19, 2011)

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diamond_head_coverConditions: Snowshoe
Gear: Snowshoes
Map: USGS Blewett Pass
Area: Blewett Pass
Reference: n/a
Stats: 8.7mi, 1811' gain (round trip)

February...the days are getting longer...makes for a good time of the year for a snowshoe trip.

We parked at the lot at Blewett Pass (Sno-Park permit required). I couldn't believe it but Jim had never done Diamond Head so another new trip for both of us. Our plan was to follow roads around the west side of Diamond Head with a bit of cross country near the top. A couple of times on the road we stepped aside to let snowmobilers pass.

Not much snow out there for this time of year. Weird. Bare patches of dirt in some places. Once we left the roads there was a bit more snow but not much...maybe 2 feet. We were on roads, then off, then on roads again until a few hundred feet flow the top of Diamond Head.

The top of Diamond head is pretty flat. Nice distant views of Mt Rainier. We stopped for snack and then afterwards, decided to head further north along the top of Diamond Head to see if there were views to the north. When the route started to drop, I headed back to the snack spot for a real lunch while Jim poked around some. He did find a bit of a viewpoint.

After lunch we decided what to do, try heading over to Diamond Tail for make a loop trip for the day or head back the way we came up. We decided to retrace out steps.

Nice trip. Easy. Would make a good ski tour trip.
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