Carne Mountain Basin (Oct 15, 2011)

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carne_mtn_basin_coverConditions: Day hike
Gear: snowshoes
Map: USGS Trinity
Area: Entiats
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Glacier Peak Region: The North Cascades
Stats: 6.3mi, 3011' gain (round trip)

I just did this trip two months ago! I'm back...

This's larch season. Time to soak in some gold :)

Jim, John and Gary and I headed out. We knew from reports there would be some fresh snow in the area. Good. As we pulled into the parking area we noticed Mark and Nancy (The Zachster) just ahead of us. Nice surprise! We ended up combining our two groups into one. Turned into a nice hike with old friends and new ones.

The starts out on the same trail that heads into Spider Meadows. After a really short bit (maybe .25mi) the Carne Mtn trail heads off uphill on the right. It's a steady climb upward. In the trees down low, higher up the trail is in the open. Lots of Fall color coming out. Frost on nearly everything.

We reached the basin to find a nice packed trail in the snow and beautiful golden larches. There were a few tents tucked into the trees in some of the flatter areas. This would be a sweet place to overnight during larch season.

Most of the larches in the basin looked to be at peak for color.

The boys (Jim, John, Gary) wanted to play around in the basin. I wanted to poke around down lower. So off the boys went...heading off towards the summit of Carne. There is an old trail that takes off from the saddle to the east of Pt 6750. It leads off to Old Gib Mtn and further to Estes Butte. Might make for an interesting larch trip someday.

After the group rejoined me in the basin...we took one last break before heading back down.
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