Bean Peak (Jul 23, 2011)

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bean_pk_coverConditions: day hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Mount Stuart
Area: Teanaway
Reference: 75 Scrambles in Washington
Stats: 8.25mi, 3055' gain (round trip)

Solo trip up Bean Peak...

I try to revisit this hike every few years. The flowers in Upper Bean Pk Basin in July are some of the best around. And scrambling the Velcro rock of Bean Peak is just plain old fun.

So is always a bit warm this neck of the woods so I got an early start and hiked up Beverly Creek to the first junction. Then heading right (NE) the trail follows Bean Ck (steeply at times) along the south side of the creek before crossing to the north side. About due east of Earl the trail heads up to the head of Bean Ck.

There has been some trail maintenance on the upper stretches of the trail so the trail is now pretty obvious. Even in mid Summer the basin hold water ( so it's nice there is a trail to follow. past years I've seen where horses have trampled all over the basin and made a mess of things. I try to keep in mind that the exception is not the rule. I always linger for a long time in the basin photographing all the flowers. They are just too many kinds to list them.

After a nice brake I continued p the basin following a near direct northerly route and following the easiest line I can find. The new knees were doing well today but still trying to get my head in the right place that I can trust them. It was fun playing around on the rock near the top, I miss the poking around you do on this peak looking for the best and most fun route to the top. I got so very near the top, within 20 feet for so and then called it quits. Close enough for me to call it a good day.

I took a short break on the flanks of the peak to soak in the views and then headed down. All in all...a mighty find day.
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