Wolf Creek (Jul 9-10, 2010)

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wolf_creek_coverConditions: Day Paddle
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Midnight Mountain, USGS Thompson Ridge
Area: Mazama, WA
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's North Cascades National Park Region
Stats: 10.72mi, 1735' gain (round trip)

Just an easy overnighter trip. Yes, a long drive. But I wanted to return to an old and familiar place. I was looking to head out for an easy trip to test the new knees out. Better, yet, some friends doing a WTA work party, would be on the trail. I knew I couldn't go wrong on this trail.

I figured to hike in as far as I was able and then make camp somewhere along the trail. I spotted the WTA trail crew. They were putting in a new foot log over a side stream. Nice work.

I continued up the trail at a nice slow pace. Eventually, given that it was getting late (I'd worked half the day on this Friday and got a late start at the trailhead) I found what looked like a nice spot to make camp. I showed down...and heard a crash in the woods up ahead of me. When I looked uphill I say the butt end of a black bear skeedattling it out of there. Hmm...OK...where to make camp. Well I figured it wasn't good to make camp right where I spotted the bear so I continued a bit more up the trail to the next promising site and dropped my pack. I made camp, put some dinner on the stove, and settled in for a good book.

Next morning I was up, and after breakfast hiked back to the creek where the WTA crew was still hard at work. I was back to the car at a reasonable time.

One trip at a time...build a little more confidence one step at a time...
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