Tronsen Ridge (Jul 4, 2010)

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tronsen_ridge_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Tiptop, USGS Blewett Pass
Area: Blewett Pass
Reference: n/a
Stats: 6mi, 1479' gain (round trip)

Gotta love Tronsen Ridge. The flowers are incredible but...that road to the trailhead is HORRIBLE!

We headed over Blewett Pass and then exactly 5 miles over the pass (to the north) we turned right (east) guessed it...Five Mile Road. The road was OK for the old Subie but I can't imagine it could be done with a normal clearance car. I do hope someday that this road gets a little love. Its rutted, washboarded, gullied from runoff, overgrown in many spots, narrow and exposed in others.

We arrived at the TH (4200') at about 9:30am and were hiking before 10am.

The trail is sometimes out in the open, sometimes in the trees, rocky ground and sometimes grassy meadows. The trail winds around following closely the top of Tronsen Ridge. I love these ridge runs. Oh so scenic.

Lots and lots of color out. Bitteroot, balsamroot, lousewort, lupine, mariposa lilies, paintbrush, old man's whiskers, tweedii, purple clematis, and so much more...

Great views along the ridge. We were keeping an eye on the storms, thunderstorms seemed to be moving out way.

We barely hiked this trail...more like walked it. Spending over 7 hours to go barely 6 miles. Lots of photo delay.
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