Kendall Katwalk (Sep 25, 2010)

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kendall_katwalk_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Snoqualmie Pass
Area: Deception Pass
Reference: 100 Hikes in Washington's Alpine Lakes
Stats: 13.88mi, 3645' gain (round trip)

It's been an awfully long time since I've hiked out to the Katwalk. Karen was in town and joined me on this trip which would turn out to have me log my longest trip (mileage) since having the knees rebuilt.

None of the trail is ever really all that steep since it's PCT grade. That made the miles really pleasant.

The trail starts down low, in the trees and then break south in the open along the west flanks of Kendall Peak. Great color to the north looking at Red Mtn and further off to the south we could see Mt Rainier.

The trail continued up its long traverse until reaching the narrow ridge crest to the north of Kendall Peak. Once we rounded the corner we could see the Katwalk blasted into the hillside. Wow. It really is a gorgeous stretch of trail. We took our time on the Katwalk, lots to photograph here and then we continued north along the PCT along a stunning stretch of trail to Ridge and Gravel Lakes. This seemed a good place to have lunch. We dropped off the trail a bit towards Ridge Lake and then after a nice rest, headed back towards Snoqualmie Pass.

Interesting watching the other hikers. They'd see me the obvious scars on my knees (it wasn't hard to miss them with the surgery only 6 months previous). I'd see them rubberneck but they wouldn't say anything. But I'd know what they were thinking which was likely "Holy Crap" or "Is she crazy?". Karen, who was right behind me would get into a conversation with them. They'd ask if she was with me and then say something like "does her doctor know?" or "should she be out here" and Karen would proudly chime in with a "heck yes...isn't it cool!"

Great day to be out. It's awesome having knees that work!

Lots of great fall color out...
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