Fremont LO (Jul 17, 2010)

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fremont_lo_coverConditions: Day Hike
Gear: nothing special
Map: USGS Sunrise
Area: Sunrise, WA
Reference: Day Hiking Mount Rainier
Stats: 5.7mi, 1263' gain (round trip)

Have I mentioned I love lookouts? :)

I've always eyed Fremont Lookout, usually from afar (like Grand Park). When I've been in the area I always thought it would be fun to take a bunch of high points in this area including the lookout site.

I decided to take in the sights from Sunrise this day by hiking out to the lookout site. Wow. It's incredible. The views are...amazing!

The trail leaves Sunrise and heads over to Frozen Lake. Rounding the lake to the south and west, the trail continues north over to the lookout site (Pt 7181). The views from along the trail down to Berkely Park and over to Skyscraper Mtn and to the big mountain further beyond fill your eyeballs with incredible views!

The trail is gorgeous. Lots of little flowers filling the cracks between the rocks.

I got to the lookout site (locked as are all the lookouts within the park) and found a nice rock to sit and make my lunch spot. I made sure to find a vantage that gave me views of the lookout and Mt Rainier. It was a beautiful sunny day. I was sad to leave when it was finally time.

I headed back out the way I came in but I made sure to take my time getting back to the car.

More information on the lookout: The structure is a 2-story frame cab and was was built in 1934.
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