Snohomish River Flood (Jan 8-10, 2009)

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flood_coverConditions: city walk
Gear: nothing special
Area: Snohomish

Every once in a while the Winter rains continue on and on at such a rate that everything starts to flood. This was one of those days...

Heavy, heavy rains just wouldn't let up for days. When they finally did, the entire Snohomish Valley was under water. Hwy 9 was closed, Marsh Road was closed. I headed down to the barricades on both roads to take a look at our newest, temporary lake. Heading into the city of Snohomish I was surprised that the bridge over the river wasn't yet closed. Walking around town with the occassional peak down to the river is was clear the water was moving fast and deep completely inundating the first floors of many of the buildings long side the river. A couple of times huge trees cruised by pushed down stream by the swift current.
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