Navaho Pk & Little Navaho Pk (Oct 24-25, 2009)

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navaho_coverConditions: Backpack
Gear: overnight gear
Map: USGS Enchantment Lakes
Area: Teanaway
Stats: 11.97mi, 5081' gain (for the loop)

Bad knees and a freshly twisted ankle. I was desperate to get out. Leslie thankfully was willing to join me on the trip. I figured to go really light. The weather was expected to be cool (it was late October after all) but nice (clear skies). I packed light, wore my trail runners (so I could wear my ankle splint) and off we headed up Stafford Creek.

We figured to hike the trail about 1 3/4 mi and then head uphill gaining the ridge at some point. It worked well though it was a bit harder on the ankle than expected. We topped out at Little Navaho and took a short break enjoying the cool temps and blue skies. Then, it was time to head north on the ridge dropping to the saddle between Little Navaho and Navaho. We took our time as we were carrying the overnight gear. The ridge up to Navaho is nice, I really like these ridge runs. Another short break on Navaho and then time to follow the trail down the SE side of the peak. I knew there would be sites to camp a bit further down below.

We hit the trail junction and continued a short ways, finding a nice flat spot among some trees. We set up tents, had some dinner, and then after a long day, retired to the tents.

In the morning we woke up but were in no rush to head out. It would be a pretty short day since the rest of the way out (about 5 miles) was downhill.
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