Old Blewett Pas (Oct 26, 2008)

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old_blewett_pass_coverConditions: Road trip
Gear: car
Area: Blewett Pass

Awesome road trip...

This is the "OLD" Blewett Pass...the ones cars used to go over before the more direct road was constructed.

The old road is awesome. It winds around, it's narrow, it's showing it's age (washed out along the edges in some places...pot holed in others), the scenery is divine...

One of these days this road is going to get so beat up that one won't be able to drive the full length. Until then...I like to drive it every couple of years as a reminder of how much more scenic our highways used to be.

Take your time driving this road not only for the obvious road hazards but because it IS scenic. This is awesome country that the new highway just whizzes through.

We headed out in late October, the lower elevation larch trees in full color, aspens/cottonwoods also golden. The color in late October is spectacular.
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