Mt Hood Area (Aug 30 to Sep 1, 2008)

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mt_hood_coverConditions: Day Hike
Area: Mt Hood, OR

Karen and I headed down to Mt Hood with grand plans to hike up Yocum Ridge. On Friday, we arrived at the trailhead, packed and headed up the trail in light rain...which progressed to heavier rain, then driving rain. We missed the turnoff to Yocum ridge due to the weather and low visibility. We figured something was amiss when we hit a nasty exposed section of trail that looked like it had washed out (just after the real turnoff). We called it quits and turned around and in the opposite direction we clearly saw our route finding error. Very likely it was a good move to bail and head out as we'd have strong winds, no visibility and heavy rains to contend with. Bailing, we hightailed it back to the car. But what to do... We headed into town and found a hotel to dry off in and try to figure out what to do the following day to salvage our trip plans.

We woke up to a bit of an improvement in the weather. Having studied opens and maps the previous evening in the comfort of a dry hotel room, we decided to hike into Ramona Falls and Paradise Park. The weather was much improved but it was clear the decision to turn around the previous day was the right one. It would have been quite the stormy night.
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